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My name is Emilia Vinokur, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. I have been working in the network business for almost 30 years.

I worked in Russian and American companies, selling everything from laundry balls, dietary supplements, to ionizer-air purifiers, and much more. As you can see, I have a long experience in the network industry, and you can trust me.

I recently purchased a GREENLEAF starter pack, investing 22,600 rubles.


Completely new company attracted me because of  the following  reasons:

  • A one-time fee, for which the company mailed me a starter pack, and I became the happy franchise owner
  • No mandatory monthly purchases,
  • Profitable marketing plan,
  • The very beginning of the company, and
  • Many more advantage…

All this helps to attract new entrepreneurs and consumers into the business.

If you are familiar with the network business or are in search for a new network company, I invite you to a team of like-minded people to build an international market.

I give maximum attention and support to each newcomer. Therefore, overboard doubts! Join now!

I know how to reach big profits in a company, and we will do it together.


Leave your contact information, and I will touch base with you.

Email:  emiliavinokur@gmail.com
WhatsApp / Viber +15133792087

Skype: millia12